Carly Fiorina at the Leadership Summit (Or, when the former CEO of HP made me cry)

“I wondered all day long,” she says, “why I said yes to Bill Hybels’ request.”

Fiorina came to the Summit several years ago and was interviewed about her (fantastic) book Tough Choices. Recounting meeting Hybels several years ago, she talks about a time when she and Bill prayed together — a sense of strange and unexpected calm coming over her both then and later as the people of the Summit prayed along. “A sensation so strong that day as to be almost physical,” she describes it. “And then came a deep, deep peace.”

Fiorina describes a childhood close to God and an adulthood of increasing abstraction–God as a super CEO of a massive enterprise. Distant and with enough managerial skill to set things in motion without needing much intervention.

On Christmas morning, she said, she awoke with signs clearly around her. The beauty of creation and scientific discovery point us to the God who knows us and orients us in this complex world and pick us back up when we have fallen off our intended path — these things are signs and miracles no less than the other things we call miraculous.

Fiorina alludes to the suicide of her daughter Laurie and, for the first time, feeling comforted even in the midst of such a terrible thing happening.  Her husband could not get to the same place of comfort, and announced that he could no longer believe. He had given up is faith in a God he didn’t think could really love him.

“It is in the nature of life to ebb and flow,” Fiorina says. “Life is flowing now.” They are living near family in Virginia, she says; she is unburdened by fear. “I realize that life is not measure in time; life is measured in contribution, and moments of grace.”


I mean. Wow.

The last sentence of her book reads, “My soul is at peace.”

May it be so.


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  1. Carrie Jones August 9, 2012 at 10:34 pm #


  2. John Stroud August 9, 2012 at 10:59 pm #

    As a dad who has experienced the shocking and tragic loss of a child, I was deeply touched by what Carly shared today. She laid it all on the line, and it made a huge impact!




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